Monday: May 8

Reading: The reading story this week is Two of Everything.  The skill is Story Structure.  Read the fluency passage for the first time.

Spelling:  Write two sentences including one vocabulary and one spelling word in each sentence.
Math: Worksheet sent home.

Reading: Read the fluency passage again.  It should be better than the first time.

Spelling: Put all of your vocabulary and spelling words in one set of alphabetical order.
Math:  Worksheet sent home.


Wednesday: May 10

Reading: Test on Two of Everything.  Read the fluency passage and answer the questions on the back.

 Math: Do the worksheet

Library books due tomorrow.


Thursday: May 11
Read the fluency passage for the last time.

Spelling: Test .
Math: Worksheet

Homework book and due tomorrow.

Signed papers due.
P E tomorrow.

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