Monday:  March 27
Spelling:  Write two sentences. Each sentence should have a vocabulary word and a spelling word in the sentence.  Follow the rules that are in the front of your Homework Book when writing them.
ex.  My pet dog drooled all over my new white tennis shoes.
Reading:  The story this week is The Goat in the Rug.  The skill is Drawing Conclusions.  Practice the fluency passage for the first time.

Tuesday:  March 28
Reading: Read for 10 minutes.  Reread the fluency passage.  Your time should be better.                                                                                             Spelling:  Combine the vocabulary words and the spelling words and put them in alphabetical order.  
Math: Lesson 10-4 (Due tomorrow)
Wednesday:  March 29
Spelling:  Practice words.
Reading: Reread the fluency passage for the third time.  Answer the questions on the story. Test on story tomorrow.
Math: Do Lesson 10-5 (Due tomorrow)                                               
 Library books due tomorrow.
Thursday:  March 30
Spelling: Test tomorrow.
Reading: Read passage for the fourth time. Read the story Navejo Weavers and answer the questions in the Reading Journal.
Math: Do 10-6. (Due tomorrow)                                          
Homework Books and Reading Journals due tomorrow.
P E tomorrow.

Remember these high frequency words.  Your child should be able to read and spell them.
idea though coming knew
write great down large
four give


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