Tuesday:  February 21
Reading: Read the double sides passage on Animal Habitats.  Be ready to discuss it tomorrow..  Reread the fluency passage.  Your time should be better.                                                      Math: Lesson 8-5 (Due tomorrow)

Wednesday:  February 22
Reading: Reread the fluency passage for the third time.  Answer the questions on the story. Read the passage on Animal Adaptations-Physical. and Behavioral. Be ready to discuss tomorrow.
Math: Math test tomorrow
 Infusion tomorrow.

Thursday:  February 23
Reading: Reread the fluency passage.  Also read the passages on Animal Adaptions-Hibernation and Migrations.  Be ready to discuss tomorrow

Remember these high frequency words.  Your child should be able to read and spell them.
didn't I'll sound baby
is are good                 please
our talk too to

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