Monday: November 13
Reading: The reading story this week is Click Clack Moo:Cows That Type.  The skill is drawing conclusions.  Read the fluency passage for the first time.
Spelling: Write two sentences with a spelling word and a vocabulary words in each sentence.  Make sure you follow the correct procedures.
Math:  Do Lesson 4-7 (Due tomorrow) and the first daily math sheet.

Tuesday: November 14
Reading: Read for 10 minutes. Read the fluency passage for the second time.  Your time should be better.  
Spelling: Put all your spelling words and vocabulary words together and put them in alphabetical order.
Math: Do Lesson 4-8 (Due tomorrow) and the second daily math sheet

Wednesday: November 15
Reading: Test on Click Clack Moo:Cows That Type.  Read the fluency passage. Answer the questions on the story The Ugly Vegetable Click Clack Moo:Cows That Type that is in your reading journal.
Spelling: Study words.
Math: Do Lesson 4-9 (Due tomorrow) and the third daily math sheet.
Library books due tomorrow.

Thursday: November 16
Reading:  Read the fluency passage for the fourth time and answer the questions on the back.   
Spelling: Test.
Math: Test tomorrow and the last daily math sheet.
Homework book and reading journal due tomorrow.
Signed papers due.
P E tomorrow.

High Frequency Words
hard another heard kind far
light kind more some to

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