Meet the Teacher
I'm originally from Nashville, Tennessee but being a Navy Brat, I have lived several places throughout my life.  I have lived on and off in Charleston for thirty years having finished high school here.  I have a Bachelor's Degree from David Lipscomb College (University) in Nashville in Speech Communications and Theater.  I also hold a Master's of Teaching in Special Education from The Citadel.  I am certified to teach in the states of South Carolina, Tennessee, and Maryland in the areas of Speech Communications and Theater, Psychology, Learning Disabilities, Reading, and Elementary Education.  I have taught at all levels of school from Pre-k through 12th grade. 
I am in my 18th year here at Stiles Point.  This is my last year at SPES since I am officially retiring after this year.  I have officially taught 28 years but took off several years to raise my family.  I have 4 boys and 1 girl but sometimes it seems that that number is larger.  I love to teach and be around young people.  I feel that it keeps me young.  Besides teaching and being around people, I love to read, cook and bake, sew, craft, and watch people.  I enjoy catching up with former student and finding out what they are doing.