K. Barnes

About Me

Hi, my name is Kate Weller.  It is my second year here at Stiles Point and I am very excited!  I am originally from Ohio, where I went to Columbus College of Art and Design for my foundations courses in art.  I then transferred to The Ohio State University and earned my Bachelor's degree in Art Education.  After graduating, I completed a year of my graduate studies.  I have lived in Charleston for six years now and on James Island for four years.  This is my fifth year teaching in Charleston County at the elementary level.  In my spare time I enjoy racing sailboats and being on the water.  I also like to read, create artwork and listen to music. 

Contact Information

Email: Katherine_barnes@charleston.k12.sc.us

Phone: (843) 762-2767

Office Hours: Mon-Fri 7:00am-3:00pm

Check out what's going on in the art room!

Gotta Love Andy Warhol..
Fifth grade has been learning about Pop Art and the famous artist, Andy Warhol.  Students discussed popular culture and chose their own object or image from popular culture to use in their Pop Art.  Students  used block printmaking techniques to reproduce their image in different colors.  Their prints turned out amazing and the students had a blast!

Mixin' Tints and Shades
The fifth grade students have been having fun experimenting with mixing paint.  They have each chosen a color to work with.  They are mixing different levels of tints and shades by adding white and black paint.  The designs that they are painting were created by doing a composition study of bicycles.  Using view finders, they found interesting compositions to use in their designs.
tints shades

Introducing... ROY G. BIV!
Kindergarteners have now met our art room friend, ROY G. BIV.  He is a colorful little man that helps us remember the order of the colors in the rainbow.  With his help, students were able to paint their birds in the correct color order!
Meet ROY G. BIV: Colorful Man
roy g biv


First grade starts off with paint!
First grade students have been learning about the artist Wassily Kandinsky.  This artist expressed music through his artwork.  Students have been listening to different types of music and using the colors they feel go with that music.  Their artwork is becoming quite colorful!
‚Äč1st paintpatrick paint 1

welcome back to art!
I am  super excited to be back for the school year! We have a lot of awesome things happening in the art room this Fall!  During week one, we are already looking at all different kinds of artwork.  During week two, all classes will be starting their first projects!  I am looking forward to seeing all the great artwork to come from this year's students at Stiles Point!