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Stiles Point Elementary is a neighborhood school featuring an experienced staff with a supportive community, an involved PTA, and eager volunteers. We have high expectations and excellent academic and citizenship programs. We have achieved many awards (e.g., The Community of Readers Award, Exemplary Writing Award, Charleston County Recycling Award, etc.). But we face many challenges ahead as we develop students’ academic and citizenship proficiencies as related to the state standards. We are developing our math program to support students’ problem-solving strategies in context, use of manipulatives and technology, and increasing their English Language Arts, math, science, and social studies achievement levels. There are now higher expectations about what is taught and when it is taught (e.g., what was taught only in first grade is now taught in kindergarten). Teachers are expected to work together to plan, implement, teach, and assess the students by using a coherent curriculum with the state standards.

Expectations continue to increase with the implementation of state standards in all subjects. The push for more one-on-one instruction by the teachers (but without reduced class size) is definitely impacting the school. Our teachers are expected to teach more, with greater variety, and with higher level thinking skills. In grades K-2, teachers use the Aims WEB instrument as an efficient measure of the fundamental skills which underpin the development of literacy in young children. With the implementation of Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) in grades K-5, the teachers receive immediate feedback about the needs of the students. This feedback allows the teachers to plan remediation and/or enrichment activities for the students. The education of our children still remains our highest priority.