Parent Resources

SPES Reading Programs

  • Follow the SPES Media Center on Facebook and Twitter to get updates on book recommendations, reading challenges, and Maker programs.
  • Encourage your child to participate in our South Carolina Book Awards reading challenge by reading all of the South Carolina Book Award Winners this year. He or she can be entered to win a free iPad Mini!
  • Interested in signing your child up for a Birthday Book?Download the form here.

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How do I get my child interested in reading?

  • Reading Rockets is a fantastic  website devoted to all things reading, from author interviews to strategies for developing strong and confident readers. This Reading Rockets Reading Tips for Parents page offers guidance on reading to and with your kids, by age group, in multiple languages, and for exceptional children.
  • Make reading a reward, not a punishment. 
  • Reading is a great ritual for bedtime, even when your child is old enough to read on his or her own
  • Let reading be a group activity. "Hey kids, it's Family Reading Hour after lunch!" 
  • Set the example. Let reading be something your kids see you enjoying as well.
  • Visit your local library and let your child explore what interests him.
  • If you're not sure your child is ready for a particular book, the rule of” thumb” in the Stiles Point Library is to have your child read a page. If there are more than five words he doesn't understand, it may not be a good choice. Reading Rockets offers other tips here on choosing Just Right Books.

Why should your child get hooked on a book series?

Book series:

  • Can increase children’s overall literacy skills and help turn them into lifelong readers.
  • Can engage young readers, particularly reluctant readers, making book choice easier with a continuum of possible titles to reading skills.
  • Get readers attached to characters, bring a sense of familiarity and security.
  • Many great series, like Harry Potter or the Chronicles of Narnia, allow children to grow and transition with their favorite characters.
  • Readers can take comfort from the clear storyline and the assurance that any problems that will arise will be resolved in a satisfactory way.  
  • Readers share their favorite series with friends, recommending books, and creating a culture of positive reading in their school community.

Here is a Google Slides presentation of great series books for our blossoming readers in second grade.