SPES Media Center

What's new at the SPES Media Center

Stiles Point Media Center has signed on to be a Tinker Tub Cohort for CCSD. This week, third and fourth grades are using Snap Circuits and LittleBits to learn about the basic properties of electricity and electronics. They tried a number of circuits, testing series circuits and parallel circuits, with kits for musical speakers, spinning motors, light-up eggs, and more.

3rd grade with Tinker Tubs

Breakout EDU is a fun way to incorporate vocabulary or skill review. Students are “locked in” the library and must use their knowledge of Dewey and Destiny Discover to break out of the five different locks on the breakout boxes. It has all the elements of an old fashioned scavenger hunt plus the modern thrill of crazy locks, codes, invisible ink, puzzle solving, and escapes! If you would like Mrs. Cooper to incorporate a library class breakout to support your curriculum, email her to start a collaborative plan!

Students hunting nonfiction

Congratulations to our own Mrs. Leslie Cooper, SPES Teacher of the Year!

Read aloud
Your SPES library offers more than 14,000 titles, up 19% over 2016. In case you didn't know, that is 17.2 items per student, which exceeds the Exemplary rating from the SC Standards for School Libraries. 

SNAP Circuits

SPES Library received Donor's Choose funding to purchase Snap Circuits. These students are exploring electricity through this generous donation.

Book Clubs

Our 4th and 5th grade book clubs read and discussed lots of great reads.