Ms. Tisdale


Light brown shoulder length hair, blue eyes, white shirt, fair skin,

Hello!  My name is Beth Tisdale.    I am originally from West Virginia and I have been in Charleston for twenty-one years.  I am married and I have a ten year old son.  I have taught first grade for nineteen years and before that I taught emotionally disabled children.  I have a Master’s degree in reading and have obtained my National Board Certification in Early Childhood Education.  
     I run a pretty tight ship when it comes to my classroom.  I am very structured, yet I encourage the students to interact and explore on a regular basis.  I aim to instill a sense of responsibility and independence in my students, which is why I make some of the decisions that I make each day.  I believe that children learn in many different ways and I try to vary my teaching strategies accordingly.  I teach whole group as well as small group lessons, and I am incorporating literacy centers so that the students can work at their own pace on activities designed for there individual academic levels.
     I welcome you and look forward to building a relationship with you all.

Contact Information


Phone: (843)345-7381

Office Hours: Mon-Fri 12:50-1;30