Teacher Resources

The SPES Library works on a fixed schedule. We present the morning news from 7:28 until 7:40. At 8:20 each day 5th grade comes into the library. The library is free from 9:00 until 9:40 which is my planning period each day except Wednesday and Thursday. From 9:40 until 11:00 is 3rd and 4th except Thursday. 11:00 until 11:30 is my lunch. From 11:30 until 1:30, I have 1st, 2nd and kindergarten.
The library is open from 1:30 until 2:10 each day
for student check out. 

Breakout sessions in the library
Breakout session

Interested in collaborating on a Breakout session for unit introduction, research or review? We can help with that! Breakout EDU gets children collaborating (no, really), thinking critically and creatively, and develops communication. Small teams work together to solve puzzles using unit vocabulary, text and multimedia resources, to crack different a number of resettable locks and boxes. Students are challenged to be lost in history, perplexed on Pluto, muddled by mathematics, while our interactive Breakout sessions set their minds free.  

Interested in teaching resources for your classroom? Check out my Webreel of digitally curated websites for elementary school.

Need to learn more about logins for MackinVIA and SPES's database resources? Watch the following screencast!